Taste Guarantee ..... ! 
Taste Guarantee ..... ! 
At Regis foods we specialize in providing quality frozen Fish, Meat and Poultry which you would expect to find in most fine dine establishments 
All Regis Foods products are quick frozen and portion controlled for individual servings and carefully selected for their taste and quality for which are guaranteed. 
They all come with a full ingredients list, best before dates, storage and cooking instructions, so no excuses! 
All this backed with a friendly and personal service delivered free to your door 


Our head office is based along the south coast of England, in the much loved area of Sussex called Bognor Regis.  
Here at Regis foods we have been supplying and delivering top quality gourmet food for over 18 years to thousands of satisfied customers, who have chosen our delicious gourmet foods for their special dinner parties, unique and exclusive gifts for loved ones or for their own fine dining at home. We have thousands of customers who continually return to us and place repeat orders, which we feel is the real gauge for the quality of food and service that we provide. Our passion for fine food has ensured that we select only the very finest suppliers, and ingredients of the highest quality to provide exquisite dishes for all occasions. We try to source locally produced ingredients from our suppliers where at all possible. We specialise in sourcing gourmet meals and dishes that you cannot buy in supermarkets. 


Nutritionists have been saying that frozen produce is virtually identical in terms of nutrition to its fresh counterparts. This is also the view of the International Food Information Council (IFIC). 
Many food items are shipped hundreds of miles across the country (if not thousands of miles across the world). Fresh items at some point will start decaying and losing nutritional value and flavour. By freezing them, you are maintaining the goodness and stopping this decaying process.  
In fact, freezing a product is the most natural way of preserving it - there is no need for additives or artificial preservatives. Most fresh products contain these ingredients as a means to prolong shelf life and prevent mould. 
All our products are frozen using state of the art blast freezing processes, which prevents the formation of ice crystals and keeps the products looking good. More importantly, on the day you thaw it, it will taste as good as the day it was made or caught! Thats why we back all our products with our very own taste guarantee, 
If there is anything you try and are not 100% satisfied, we will offer you an exchange of the remaining box* 
*there must be over 60% of the product left to qualify for the exchange 
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